Aug 28, 2009

[English] Class is in Session

18 and young, I decide the best thing for me to do was to go to college. What are my plans in life? Why let me tell you [since you so kindly asked]. ENGLISH. I said it, English. My dream's to teach and I can honestly say that I can't wait. Yea I won't be making much $$ but so what right? It's what's gonna make me happy. Now look up one good time. That's what we schoolin' folk call a book. I know right? Who reads? Well in English 266, I do. This is our textbook for the semester. Pretty thick and pretty good [just like my women]. Fortunately for me, the same stories in this BOOK are the same stories I read in high school [AP English jr/sr year]. I know it may seem foreign, but pick up a book every once and a while. You might just learn something.
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