Aug 30, 2009

Keep It Classy Keep it Simple: Levi 511's

What's better than a pair of nice straight leg jeans? A pair of skinny straight leg jeans. These jeans aren't just recommended by GQ, but they're recommended by me as well. I happen to own a couple pair of 511's and my favorite by far have to be the soft rigid. I recommend Levis not just because they have a nice fit, but because they're fairly inexpensive and that can be pretty important. I got mine off of eBay for 30 bucks and I couldn't be happier [brand new in case you were wondering]. Levi 511 soft rigid? Two thumbs up.


  1. Yes to skinny jeans this season! :)

  2. hell yeah. i freakin love skinnys on a dude. they don't offer those for chicks, but you gotta love a man in skinnys :)

  3. AH Nothing better then skinny straight jeans, these are def. on my fall list.

  4. Aint nothin better than some LEVIS