Sep 12, 2009

Not Your Average Sculpture

The moment I came across these photos I knew that I had found something that I'd never seen before. Mark Jenkins has created some of the most unusually exceptional artwork that I've ever seen before in my life. I've always been a big fan of graffiti but street art is a whole nother realm. I'm really diggin his style and I have a feeling you will too.


  1. woah those are awesome,
    i have a post about these trash bag sculptures
    if i saw either of them i think i would freak out haha

  2. lol, yes. how random! yo live in BKV too?
    hahaha blogger is so weird.

  3. Hah some of these sculptures look freaky! Esp when walking by em at night..


  4. Kool blog :D

    check mine out?