Oct 18, 2009

It Has Finally Arrived

Weeks ago I set off on a mission to ebay in search of one item and one item only....A denim jacket. After rummaging through dozens and dozens of ill fitting, 80's stone wash trash [definitely not any mans treasure] I finally found the one that fits me best. The description read, "brand new men's levis denim jacket. small. slim trucker style." I couldn't of been happier. I waited till the last minute to bid and went to war with some dude attempting to outbid me. Luckily, my account had just a tad more bank roll, making me the victor. In the end I ended up paying 30 bucks for the jacket. I went to the levis website and noticed that the retail price was 89.50. Now I have no idea where the seller got [stole] the jacket from, but someone else's lose is definitely my gain.


  1. nice jacket .i wanted one too but i wasnt going to pay like 90 for it ,you gotta show me how you got the discount lol