Nov 11, 2009

Los Zapatos Del Barco

GENIUS! Pure Genius. Sometimes I feel like wearing Sperry's and sometimes I feel like wearing my chukka boots. But sometimes....sometimes....I feel like wearing both at the same time. What's a man to do when he wants to wear Sperry's and chukkas all at once? I'm reaching for my Vans! Here's a look at the Vans Chukka Del Barco's. They have a few other colorways but these seem to be the only ones that matter [if you're asking me of course].

VANS CHUKKA DEL <span class=
VANS CHUKKA DEL <span class=

They have a black version also but I prefer the Del Barco LX version [LX=luxurious] over the latter.


  1. dude your hella right i feel like that quite often. and tht first pair is dopers.