Dec 9, 2009

Cudder Anthem

Pursuit of Happiness has finally arrived for our viewing pleasure. It goes to say that I like Cudi and the video, but it seems to be lacking, I don't know, MGMT and RATATAT? Drizzy and Consequence made cameos but my version seems to be missing their verse on the song [they aren't on the song] . The concept has been done before as well, but even after all of that, I'm still down with Cudi. Do your thing browski.


  1. I was looking forward to seeing MGMT too, I really love them. Great vid though.

  2. This video makes me want to be there. I miss when music videos gave me that feeling. Sweet blog by the way man.

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  4. This is great the concept has been done before but I quite like it none the less
    And the song really suits it
    I have no idea about the MGMT thing can anyone explain? ( excuse my ignorance )
    Thanks for the comment the blog nobody knows about so un-true
    Love your perspective!

  5. this is the exact same concept as the kanye/spike jonze vid!!!