Jan 19, 2010

New Fabric New Construction

J. Lindeberg spring/summer 2010 preview. As you can see there is absolutely NO BUFFALO PLAID here [thank God]. Lots of lightweight shirts and jackets for that easy warm and windy day. Everything is fairly streamline and understated, which is something that I've come to appreciate. A+

Selectism - J. Lindeberg Spring/Summer 2010 Preview


  1. Mmm love boys in pea coats haha

  2. i want oxfords sobad!
    and this spanish teacher seems like i might have to worl :/ uggghh

  3. i had that horrible song stuck in my head like i thought i would.. and i commented last time on the wrong account!

  4. hell yea throw that track my way!
    bahaha yea houston is wayy cooler... i miss it everytime i get up here

  5. i like the trench, and that cardigan in the last picture looks sooooooooo soft!