Mar 21, 2010

If I had the balls

Spring break has come and gone and now I sit in Huntsville [of all places] wondering why I came back. Plus side of things: I'll have a degree in four years and I won't be living here anymore [I guess that's a reason to smile]. On a lighter note, THESE SHOES ARE THE BUSINESS. I honestly wish I had the funds and the balls to rock these around campus. The prices aren't too bad [$90-150] compared to other designer BS, and they even come in men and women sizes. Peep the inventory. OSBORNDESIGNS


  1. woah those shoes are dope!
    and WOW we got the same thing!
    i hate her.
    like REALLY hate her. thats why im always late, i dont really care about her.

  2. Those are awesome! I love the higher cut ones

  3. Broh these are dope! You know I got to cop some fam!

    Jonathan CPR Spence

  4. I would have no issue wearing those anywhere. the second to last pair are my fav. my birthday is right around the corner..size 8 please!

  5. i love all of them ; madddd dope (: