Apr 8, 2010

Does anyone OBEY anymore?

I hope so 'cause I still do. I've always been into OBEY and no amounts of money or fame is ever gonna change that [maybe age]. ALSO, I just had an epiphany. Considering that almost all of my following is female, why don't I start posting chick clothes along with the male stuff? I wish I would of thought of this a long time ago.
Damn I love a girl in a romper. OBEY summer 2010.

Much more HERE and HERE.


  1. bummer, I can't see all the pics because of that nitrolicious thing.=(

  2. my b, just hit the link and they'll all be there

  3. yea i was gonna say that too,
    and LMAO at walking out on carmen but she ended up being sick anyway. WTF she sent that dumb email at 9:30 like we should care

  4. sorry, i'm not a fan. the girl outfits just don't pop to me, you know? its predictably on trend, there's no "KAPOW!" factor.

  5. Your blog is very artistic, I like very much