Oct 3, 2010

Like Father Like Son

I'm not even gonna lie, I can't wait to have kids. As a 19 year old alpha male, I probably shouldn't say things like that because in truth I'm really not trying to any time soon, but really--I can't wait [I think you understand]. I think my want of an offspring has less to do with spreading my seed and more so with having a connection with someone who looks up to me to teach them everything they need to know in life. I don't know about you guys, but there are few times where I've had someone actually listen to me just because I was me. Not because they knew I could get them an A on their essay, or because the only way I'll ever shut up is if they let me finish my story, but just because it was me, and they were there, and we were together. It's a great feeling knowing someone loves to hear you ramble on just because they love the way your ramble. It'll be like having the ultimate protégé except this one last forever.  

AH WELL, none of this matters though because chicks are, how do you say in twitter, #CONFUSING. You think you know them, and then you don't. You think things are going okay and then you take a second look and realize she's not all over you like you had originally hoped she was. Such is life I suppose. No worries though, I think I have two more lives left so I'll just slip in this quarter and go for the win while I've still got a chance. Game's not over yet.

Now why is this all relevant? Well, one a my favorite brands [Fred Perry] finally got around to adding a kids line to their collection. When I saw it this got me thinking about my life and kids and all that biznazz, so I figured I'd just share my thoughts since this is one of the few outlets that I actually have. Now I don't know how I'm going to afford it considering that a bottom dollar prostitute can walk off with more money annually than any high school teacher I know, but if daddy has a cardigan then so shall son.

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  1. "alpha male" ahahah
    I can't wait to have kids as well. I can't wait to raise them and guide them through life as much as I can. Despite the fact that I'm only 17 ahaha I too have a ways to go! && Woman are not confusing ! I swear :P

  2. omg this post is too adorable!
    aww my norman wants chilren, get a puppy! and i havent seen you in forever,
    you me and colby need to go to margartias or something!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the cardigan and the track jacket! Simply adorable. And I can't wait to have kids too, well I can, but it will be so exciting! But then again, it's also more "normal" for girls to feel that way.


    +I srsly don't mean to advertise, but I'm having my first giveaway, so if you'd like, take a peek! xo

  4. This post is really good. Like the personal insight, makes it more interesting to read-on! & The lil boy is so cute!

  5. Thank you for your comment

    these images sold it, I want a child now too. aha! A puppy is the best thing, the love is unreal!! and yes girls are VERY confusing!! treat them mean, keep them keen is how to go =)

  6. Awww these are so cute :)

    Your blog is so fresh... and it's quite brave of you to voice thoughts about your future children and such :)

  7. oh wow, just found ur blog, and i gotta say i really love your writing style. Love this post, btw. It's really rare (for me) to see/read abt guys who actually want to settle down. Thumbs up mate