Dec 16, 2010

Finals are Done so Here's More Fun Stuff

WOW, so I'm glad that's over. I think I did pretty well, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to walk away with 3 A's and some B's, so all in all it was a fairly decent semester. Besides reading The Great Gatsby and the chicks and dicks sleepover with Emil, Christiana and the fam, I don't think I have too much planned for the holiday break. We'll see how it all pans out. Anyways, you remember that folder I told you about with all the cool gifs, images and such? Well I also have a folder saved with some of my favorite facebook moments. What can I say, I'm a bit on the nostalgic side.

I wanted to hug her so bad, Christiana for the win.
I had to watch an episode of Misfits to understand her reference, but I saved this anyway because I thought my comment was pretty clever. *Kanye shrug

My blogspot lovers. Do or die, STEPHK and FARRUYA.

Epic Taylor Gang Or, battle. I start it, I finish it.

I got bored again so I decided to go ahead and make another video. I was actually pretty excited for how this one turned out because youtube and vimeo didn't compress the hell out of it like everything else. Maybe they upgraded, maybe I did something different, who knows. And I think I did the dice thing too much....Matter fact, I don't think I did the dice thing enough, that's like my 2nd favorite dance move you know.


  1. so it's made my day that I've made it onto your blog. #THANKYOUBLACKBABYJESUS

  2. wow you video is so creative (giggle), thanks for the laugh, luving the video

  3. you get misfits in america?!