Feb 14, 2013

Love(tape) II

Love is such a powerful thing. It has the ability to consume you, all of you, and never let go until everything that you are is consumed by it. I'm in love with love and the things that it does to me. There's no filter, there's no wall, it's just there and it's smacking you in the face telling you to do exactly what you've always dreamed of doing. Everything that we truly are and everything that we ever will be is already inside of us, and it's our own logic and reasoning that keeps us away from our burrowed aspirations. You're supposed to write that play, you're supposed to kiss that girl, you were supposed to follow your heart, and the only thing keeping you away from your happiness is you. Love is what opens us. Love is what shows us that there's so much more to life than what's directly in front of us. The abstract, the miniscule, the forgotten. These are the things that we really love. The way she laughs, the Songbird on the windowsill, the flowers that still seem to grow despite everything that gets in its way. It's fascinating. Everything's just so beautiful and fascinating.

 All tangents aside, I really hope you enjoy this mixtape, that is the reason you're here after all.

Sorry for the wait.

Considering Valentine's Day is my birthday, I have one request: pray for my success, and if you don't pray, just wish me luck, in everything.


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