Jan 31, 2010

Art of the Brick

And I thought making a castle was doing something. Nathan Sawaya [try saying that 10 times] takes legos and elevates them to a whole new level. And guess what. You do have to go all the way to Prague or Paris to see this guy, because the exhibition's all in AMERICA [sorry lame ass European art hogs]. He's been on tour for about three years or so, but there's still plenty of time left to check it out if you're interested.

There's plenty more right HERE. After you look through a few more photos I promise you'll be thinking the same thing I am.... Who the hell is Dee & Ricky?


  1. Those are amazing! Esp. the mirror one & the one of the arms penetrating the wall.


    PS I'll def be following your DIY stickers how-to!

  2. Pretty fresh dawg. lol and you will make it please come and check out my blog and follow it at mybasketballswag.blogspot.com I will follow yall if you support me for my basketball dreams

  3. Oh.My.GOD.
    I was like, are my eyes decieving me?
    i that i was still tired. She has the worst style i swear. and her scarf was cow print!
    oh my, did you get her email? bc i dont know what it says lol.

  4. geez, that is absolutely impressive! :o

  5. Thanks for the comment. I like this post. Must take months to make those.

  6. I'm loving this, I think the red symbolizes a sense of struggle and the blue a sense of hurt and pain. Then they're combined together, thats genius. I love the futuristic style of this. You should check out my profile, blogs, and comment. I'm new to this whole type of "blogging" thing.