Jan 28, 2010

My Stickers Are Done

And to be honest, I'm pretty content with the outcome. Now if I were selfish I'd just post the photos and move on with my life but instead I'm going to personally show YOU how to be your own promo street team. Here's everything you'll need...

What you want to be your sticker, white glue, vinegar, scissors, cup/container, and a spoon/brush of some sort.

 First things first. Print and cut out your soon to be stickers [I used word to make them]. Color's always better but black and grey'll work just fine.  Rectangles are always easy, and since they match up perfectly with the tape, I suggest going for that.

Next you need to make the adhesive. Add 1 part vinegar to two parts glue [I just used the spoon for measurement]. For about 10 stickers I used 2 spoons of vinegar and 4 of the glue. You could try different combos for better stick, but so far this is what I've got.

OK, NOW REALLY PAY ATTENTION. You're now going to spread on a layer of adhesive onto the backs of your stickers. Once this layer COMPLETELY dries you'll spread on another for security. I don't know the chemistry behind it but after the adhesive dries it becomes "reactivated" when applied with a layer or water. Don't worry we'll get to that in a moment.

Once the stickers are dry to the touch you'll want to stack them under something heavy in order to flatten them out [makes things a lot easier].
You'll now attach the front of the stickers onto the sticky side of the tape. Once done you'll cut around the sticker to remove the excess tape. You do this in order waterproof your stickers and to make them seem a little more "professional," but it's definitely optional.

Here's what you've been waiting for....THE APPLICATION. Make sure you choose a good spot for your sticker because once its bonded it's not coming off without a fight. When you're ready to apply, wet the back of your sticker with a spray bottle or a splash of water [or a little spit if you're in a hurry]. Smooth it out with a napkin [necessary without a spray bottle] and slap it up there.

Once last piece of advice. DON'T GET CAUGHT . I'm sure you know this but yes it is illegal if you don't own the property. As a disclaimer I have to say that I CANNOT ADVICE ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.
[Now go let the world know who you are]


  1. Love the Post
    it made me laugh.very informative also

  2. love love love it.
    i need to hook up some sticker slaps, only i'll just buy stickers and print them out. LOL!

  3. thats pretty badass, no lie... now i shall have fun walking around campus looking for these things.. hmmm

  4. Aww, thanks, i def need some of these.
    OH yes verry illegal indeed(;

  5. Hi darling, this is a very instructive post if we do nor promote ourselves who else will do it ; ) ? Thanks for coming around to my blog and say hello. I'm now on your followers list ; ) Have a super NICE weekend

  6. i like your blog and I will definately be trying this !

  7. thanks for the love. we gotta get our names in everybody's head somehow.

  8. i like your blog alot. plus i like stickers. i'll follow you, return the favor please