Feb 14, 2010

All in All, Today was a Good Day

I failed to fill you in on the exact date  and everything but today was my birthday. To be honest, I had been a little down about not have a pretty young stallion to spend the day with, but as it turns out I had a great time. Me and my significant other the fam spent most of yesterday together at the go cart spot doing what we do best, livin fast and playin hard [yes, they were murdered at the air hockey table]. Today was also, once again, another very chill day accompanied by cake, macaroni, and 19 very well lit candles. All in all, today was a good day.


  1. i like your blog, i'm new to the whole blogging scene.
    And if you got the chance, could you check out my blog and
    comment. thanks if you can :)

  2. awww.
    Well Happy Birthday to you!
    and many more

  3. Happy birthday hun! I think your hilarious btw "pretty young stallion" hahaha!
    xo, Spencer

  4. HAPPY BDAY!!!
    lol i like how carmen thought i spent yesterday drinking margaritas bahahaha wtf?

  5. Aw, happy belated birthday! I turn 19 in a matter of weeks, I'm excited :)

  6. Happy Valetine's Day AND Birthday! That cake looks yummm