Feb 28, 2010


I was debating whether or not to post this in fear of losing the little bit of street cred I still have left, but I think I might of lost it all when I posted that Wham video. OH WELL, not too many of my people know about this blog anyway so I think I'm good for now. As a side note I'd like to let you guys in on a little secret.... THE 80s WERE NOT THAT COOL. Especially in whatever genre these guys are suppose to be in. Take a look at the lead singer. Leather unit, pretty ass hair, boots, printed belt, with get this, raccoon tails....What am I talkin about this dude's cool as hell [TELL NO ONE].
To be pretty honest, the song is good though. I could see me cruising, pickin up a few girls bangin this one.


  1. Lol, Your secret is safe ...maybe.
    Wonder what they look like now.

  2. I thought the video was pretty cool! Love their dance haha


  3. if i knew you, you would be soo sorry , your street cred would be in jep.. lol, cool blog tho

  4. Haha behind my indie facade is an OG. :P

  5. Norman I support your interest. lol. Back in the day I bet it was dope. On another note I did catch a couple of people in Peoria tryin' to bring back the raccoon tails. So maybe...just maybe...you've found a re-occuring trend for the future.