Mar 6, 2010

I got My Street Cred Back

I've been meaning to do this post for about four days or so but as it turns out, college really does own my soul. Luckily, I've set aside a little free time just for this occasion. The occasion is a special one, being that I've finally reached a 100 followers. To this I'd like to thank all the people who follow and never visit me again, but most importantly, all of you who stop by, read, and show some love.
Lately I've been thinking about what KIND of blogger I am. I'm not exactly a fashion blogger because in order to be one a those, apparently you need to care about couture
[I don't] and own multiple DSLR cameras [I do not].  I'm not exactly a personal blogger [not my thing], art or music either. I guess it's just easy to say that I do it all. And if I may ride my own D for a moment....I do a pretty good job at it.

[In no particular order] Here's a list of people who also do a great job. Not only do I check these blogs pretty much everyday, but all of them have less than 200 followers. We are the underdogs kids and we're takin over. THROW YOUR BLOGS UP IN THE SKY IF YOU FEEL MY VIBE.
 Honorable mention. [They're already halfway famous].
Thanks for the support everybody. We'll all make it somehow.


  1. Thanks dude! I love your taste.

    I also love the blog "gang sign". Ha, if I could co-ordinate my fingers i'd try it. Keep it up and look out for you ring prize, I posted it last week.

  2. I can't believe you wear a calculator watch... cuz I wear 1 too!!!
    I thought I was the only one lol

    Glad to kno I'm not

    P.S. Love ur blog!

  3. Congrats for the 100 followers, this things make us bloggers very happy!!!! now u have to go to 200 ; )!!!!!

  4. congrats, and thanks for mention haha
    college owns me too :/
    my posts aren't as detailed as usual

  5. haa thats how i am.
    i just blog whatever i want.
    no official category.
    but i love ur blog!

  6. Congrats on the followers! And thx for the tag haha represent! Your blog's great :o)