Apr 25, 2010

M.I.A: Born Free

Waiting and waiting we have been for M.I.A. to release something new and now it has finally arrived. I'm not a big fan of the song as a whole but hey, it's M.I.A. right? Honestly I can't wait for the album drop in June. She's one of the few women in the game who is guaranteed to offer you something new no matter who else is out there. It's also a plus that she's not too shabby on the eyes. I'd have her baby. 
You can also check out the epic music video right HERE. I would put it on the blog but you REALLY need to get the full vibe of the movie and watch it full screen. It's about 10 minutes long so you might want to grab a snack and get comfortable. Sorry Lady GaGa fans, but there won't be any flashy advertisements or million dollar cameos, and you definitely won't see this on MTV. Enjoy.


  1. The video is CA-RAZZZZZY! I watched it with no sound to get the full effect. Tops all of the commercial bull shit getting all the play on tv. But I did watch it through parted fingers covering my eyes...(Me and suspense have a love/hate relationship... Reminscient of the "Stress" vid by the french electronic duo Justice.

    Epic. Bravo.

  2. i know what you mean I was a little on edge too. I'm not a big fan of Justice but the stress vid was bomb as well [same director]

  3. i definitely preferred Stress to this video. Stress had more of a message behind all the violence. M.I.A's video was interesting and compelling though!

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  4. jeez, i simply love your blog <3

  5. Watched this yesterday and was frozen to my seat. I'm glad she is back, she is gonna slap back some quality in to music!

  6. I'm seeing her on July 17 with Die Antwoord! Stoked, my first time. I missed her at Coachella last year but I think NEEDED to see what of the other performers.

    Her new sound reminds me of Heartsrevolution, it'll take some getting used to but I dig it


  7. its kind of interesting to see how many people jumped on her wagon when paper planes came out, but in any case this video was not happy go lucky lol & i loved it, because it truly made me think instead of just go 'oh yeah that's nice' so props to her. she's always been outspoken politically.