Apr 21, 2010

Thanks, now I Definitely want to do Yoga

It hurts me so much to say this but unfortunately I'm going to have to put an end to 2 Reasons to Not Hate White People. I know, I'm a little sad too. I only did two post but still, it hurts. It seems I've just run out of cool things to talk about so lets just move on and think about our future together you dig?
On that note I leave you with this EXTREMELY creepy video.

And you though your jeans were too tight. You've got NOTHING on Yogi Oki Doki. Remember to breath.


  1. lol, yoga is intersting...
    and uhhhhhh, WHERE WERE YOU?

  2. haha its wasn't just for relay?
    WTF, we made the poster and stuff for relay it was kinda fun,
    it was the last meeting of the year, and we talked about banquet,
    are you going?

  3. norman is my father's name, i almost had a heart attack when i saw it, i have it tattooed on my chest.

  4. this video was eighteen different varieties of wrong.