Apr 16, 2010

We Love Things We can't Afford

I'm late on the jump but even that doesn't discourage me from posting this. Along with Gap and J Crew, Band of Outsiders has always had a small spot in my heart since day one. Of course I can't afford any of the pieces and probably won't for a very long time but if I stare at the photos long enough I can almost imagine me in that navi suit. My day will come....one day.

And if you were thinking that those faces seem familiar, it's because they are. Lookbook features Dave Franco, Donald Glover, and that old sexy dime, Leslie Mann.

Band of Outsiders spring 2010

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  1. I absolutely love BOO!!! I just reviewed their AW 2010 collection, u should check it out!!

    p.s. Leslie Mann is effing hot!! cougar of the decade!

  2. The photos are real cool. The polaroids are pretty tank. The last one is pretty kick ass.