May 3, 2010

Spring Time is a Good Time

Two more weeks of school and I am officially done. My first year of college has gone by fairly quickly and believe it or not it wasn't too bad [I don't mean to toot my own academic horn but beep beep ho].  I've met lots of new faces and have made even fewer real friends but I guess that's how it's suppose to be huh? Shouts to MALIBUMARA and BMAGIC for making Spanish class less lame, and for coincidentally going to the same university as I. 

On a new note I bring your attention to Baron Wells. Nice clothes with grade A quality and a grade A price tag
[150 a shirt. DAMN]. I really do like some of the items but as usual, I'm just window shopping.
Much much more HERE


  1. carmen's test wasn't too bad,
    i like she wants to be alright now...
    too little too late hahaha

  2. Love the photos, love his style, and gj with the good grades! Mine, not so amazing haha

  3. awwwww i love this!
    cool blog you have x