May 6, 2010

Banksy I Thank You

 I like to think that you know your city's big when....Banksy does pieces all over your streets. Ever since his premiere of Exit Through the Gift Shop he's been popping up all over the place, San Francisco being one of them. Now even though it's been quite some time since I've visited my hometown I just can't help but to represent. WHAT UP CALI?
Banksy in San Francisco


  1. I love him so. One of the Melbourne council workers accidently painted over one of his pieces even though it was supposed to be protected.


  2. Its the nicest feeling when you discover Banksy in your area. Cool pics

  3. thanks for the comment
    i like your blog, i'll be your newest follower!!

  4. Wow, amazing photos. I love the specs of red with the black.

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