May 10, 2010

My Mother Likes the Things I Like

As usual, mother's day was decent. For the most part we spent the whole day eating, sleeping, and waking up to eat again [RARE]. Unfortunately, I had to head back down to Huntsville and begin my long long night of last minute cramming  to ensure that my GPA is nothing less than genius [and by that I mean at least a 3.25]. Three more finals and boom, the deed is done.
As you pan down you'll notice some dope [said it again] ass apparel. As usual I've never heard of the brand but they're only three years young so that could explain some things. I'm really into some of the looks, a lot of pieces being quite wearable despite their intimidating appearance. Some of it seems like its been done before considering the recent fad of way to expensive "workwear" but none the less, the brand is definitely one that I'll be keeping an eye on.

Much more Bedwin spring/summer 2010 right HERE


  1. i HATE carmen.
    I hope she falls off a cliff. ugggghhhh

    WHy would you take that woman again?

  3. I too have three more finals, and I love the blue cardi!

  4. This is f***ing great, *the clothes
    Sounds like Mothers Day was a hit too.
    And are you in America? Because unless Ive got it wring Mothers Day is on the 14th in London. Please sayI got it wrong.

  5. you're the shit, you're blogs the shit. I love it :D
    xo, Spencer