May 16, 2010

New Interest to Keep me Occupied

As of Thursday, school is officially over. Surprisingly I haven't shed any tears but this just may be do to the fact that I've manned up a little bit [I'll give it some time]. No job this summer so needless to say I've got nearly an endless supply of time on my hands. I can't drive so driving school is a must, my Spanish is lackluster so studying is a have to, but other than that how else will I spend my time? Well besides reading and friends, I've decided to take up the art of BONSAI. Believe it or not, there are some young black males who find trees beautiful. I've been trying to read up on as much info as possible, I think I have a real interest here. Oh, and if anybody has an old ass Asian relative, why don't you do me a solid and ask them to share some secrets [no disrespect].
I understand that it takes years and years for a bonsai to resemble anything as stunning as the above, but you know what, I'm prepared for that. I just want something that I can call my own. It'll be mine.


  1. your bonsai tree idea is an original way to leave somewhat of a legacy. oh yeah, i'm a young black male who also finds trees beautiful, especially the very tall ones.

    please check out my blog!

  2. Wow, those are so cute. They're just like humongous tree, but mini.(:

  3. I really want a bonsai tree. Wicked post.