May 21, 2010

Divided We Fall

One would think that since it's summer I'd be blogging a little more often but surprisingly enough, time has not been on my side. I do have a legitimate excuse though--I had to spend time with my granny. Of course there's no wifi anywhere in the hood so naturally the only way for me to keep in touch was to use the 2 inch screen on my cellphone [didn't work out]. I'll do better, don't worry.

It's no surprise that streetwear makes up about 32% of my wardrobe [rough estimate]. I've always been a big fan of Triumvir and this collection's no different. I'm not too fond of flashy tees or douche bag graphic prints, so this brand in particular generally calls to me. It might seem a little too basic or expected but all around, a decent collection. Divided we fall, Triumvir Spring 2010.

A little about me: I've played trumpet for about 10 years now, so of course I had to show the videobook. What's important isn't just the clothes but that solo. O how I melt like a little bitch when I hear a great trumpet solo. If there's any jazz buffs out there [has to be] hit me with a comment if you have any leads on the artist above.

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  1. Sick photos! And the trumpet? That's awesome

  2. yea... u are rite... sumtimes its good to go simple... especially in the summer bc... it sumtimes get too hot in NY and u just have to come out w a white tee... LOL!!!! and btw... ur blog is SUPER DOPE!!!!