Jun 24, 2010

I Sincerely Apologize

I didn't have time to tell you but I've been in PANAMA for the last week or so [just got back]. It was kind of a last minute thing, so informing you on my leave was just no option. I'LL MAKE IT UP THOUGH. I have so much to talk about so I'll have to put you on hold while I gather my thoughts and wait for the photos to come in from my new friends in Central America.
Anyway, I had a bomb ass time. This is my second visit in the last two years and I think I'm gonna have to start going much more often. I got to see all my friends and family that I rarely ever get to see, and I've even got a new found love for fútbol. As you can see [below] their love for the sport is MUCH stronger than my affection, but hey, we're growing on one another.

[be careful with your speakers]

Kaká is GOD

If Panama is no option, it's Brasil or die. I love my [other] country. Post on trip coming soon.


  1. Panama?! I need to tavel ASAP! Everyone is visiting all these exotic countries. Post photos soon!


  2. nice post lol,
    and glad you had fun!
    Im going for Brazil too