Jun 14, 2010

Reiss 1971

Another British creation. I've always been a big fan of tailored clothing and it isn't to my surprise that all the cool stuff comes from the UK. Reiss' main clothing line pretty much caters to this but it is its "young and rich" line [1971] that mixes the tailored with the too cool to dress up. I'm big on being casual but I'm also big on looking put together, so for the most part I think the line does pretty well.
HOWEVER, I live in Texas and there is no way that I could wear a pea coat and khakis in 90 degree weather. I don't understand the concept of making clothes that people won't be able to wear anytime between April and October, yet they market it as Spring/Summer. Using summer colors doesn't justify something as summer wear. They did do a better job on the woman's line though. Lil mama looks good, and as a man with excellent taste, I can appreciate that.





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  1. i love the line.. but youre right.. its definately not a summer collection at all.. even for california, and its usually around 75 degrees out here

  2. This is great and you're right about the summer/spring issue. Hahaha. I live in Wisconsin but I also start school in ATL in August. I guess I'd have to make this night wear as I will be investing in something from this line. Norman you truly are a legal eagle for fashion broh.

  3. trust me, if you lived in britain, you'd understand ...