Jun 9, 2010

This is how you enjoy summer


If it wasn't for my godly physique and high metabolism then there'd be a good chance of me being dead right now. When you have nothing but pure free time on your hands, you tend to get pretty inventive with your meals. I'm a real man. I cook--and by cook I mean I come up with the most ridiculously delicious feast this side of the US.  If you don't mind the caloric intake then I suggest a DBEC: donut, bacon, egg and cheese. OH, and don't forget the Sunny D Kool-Aid combo [juice drink of champions].

I can't remember if I've let you in on my secret or not, but I'm into GLEE more than any straight man ever should be. The homies never want to watch it with me so every Tuesday I sit and enjoy it in secrecy. There are however a few people that I talk about it with so for now I guess that'll suffice. Thanks MALIBU.
NOW TO THE FINALE. It was yesterday and needless it say it was dope as hell. As much as I liked New Directions' performance I gotta give it up to Vocal Adrenaline due to their Queen mash up.  We did the same songs when I was in marching band a few years ago, long story. Props to Sue Sylvester for not being such a douche anymore and for Will and Schu being real men by telling their women they love em. There's so much more to say but I tend to get long winded. STORY OF MY LIFE.

Besides the GLEE finale, Justified decided to end its season yesterday as well. Surprisingly, I don't know anyone who watches this show [total shame]. I've been a fan since day one and I can't wait till it comes back in the fall. Raylan killed like 4 more people in this episode and he even shot his punk ass daddy Arlo. BEST EPISODE TO DATE.

Now that all my shows are going off season I don't know what I'll do with myself. Reality tv can suck it and I refuse to watch another episode of Bernie Mac. I think a 30 minute romantic sitcom is in order.


  1. that heart attack looks kinda tasty, though.

  2. That drink looks sooo good, and I say you get into Law & Order SVU, it's pretty time-consuming and addictive!


  3. I never watched Glee ever. Everyone says it is good though so i may be missing out.