Jun 7, 2010

30 and up Please

In "honor" of the MTV movies awards I've decided to compile a list of some of my favorite hot ass old women [30+]. For some, 30 is the time when women begin to long for the days when they were young and able, ready to take on the world with their bright firm skin and their oak framed high school diploma. THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE, and now all that's left is procreation, the jewelry channel, and a fresh out the diner early bird special.
HOWEVER, I believe that 30 is just another year that's passed. So what if you can't get into that club for free anymore, instead you can walk into Gucci and  look like you might actually buy something [I think it's a plus]. No more flashing ID to buy yo drank, and the biggest advantage is that 30 years of experience--maturity.
Now I'm not saying every woman over 30 is mature [have you seen basketball wives?] but what I am saying is that I always and will continue to love a girl who acts like a grown up. If there's anyone over thirty reading, chances are, you're beautiful--with your old ass.

And in no particular order: THE LIST
Jennifer Garner 1972
Paz Vega 1976
Katherine Heigl 1978
Eva Mendes 1974
Zooey Desschanel 1980
Tyra Banks 1973
Sandra Bullock 1964
Taraji P. Henson 1970
Jennifer Aniston 1969
Roselyn Sanchez 1973 

I'd like to add that 30 really isn't old but that's where all my favorite women are, So for the sake of the argument I'll stick with it anyway.


  1. they don't really even look old!
    and glee finale tonight... so sad!

  2. i just started to love sandra bullock, she's lovely, and this list is awesome.

  3. they really dont. aging well is one of my requirements.
    glee is tomorrow woman don't get me all excited

    she really is. thanks judy

  4. i love themm all
    love your blog too ( :
    & yeaa its been waaay too long .

  5. Really good read

    I'm afraid this is my first or second time really checking out your Blog, but my lost! Good shit, sir

    very, worth while