Jul 23, 2010

Red Freckles and Graffiti

Two things I Love. As if you didn't know, my girl Lohan decided that she wanted to pose for Complex before she went into the slammer. I think it's pretty unfortunate that her life's hit rock bottom, considering that I remember the years when she was in her heyday [ I've seen The Parent Trap at least 6 times]. Luckily, she doesn't look half bad in the photos. The wardrobe could be a little better, and I have a feeling that run in her stocking wasn't meant to be there, but as a man with the manliest of manly qualities, her clothing is the least of my concerns. Hope all goes well.
BREAKING NEWS: It's my 100th post. I know, get excited. Honestly, I knew I'd be going this long. I've never really had plans of quitting or starting over but still, I consider this an accomplishment. Thanks for listening.