Jul 27, 2010

Remix Remix One

Ok, I think we're gonna give a go at this stability thing one more time. You may or may not remember, but I tried this once before with 2 reasons to not hate white people. It's not that it was a fail, it was just that I became uninterested, and when I don't care then chances are you feel the same way. MOVING ON.
I have a pretty extensive music collection and I'd even like to say that I'm somewhat of a connoisseur in this type of biznazz. That considered, I love it  when the underground rises and creates remixes from songs by some of my favorite bands. And that folks, is what REMIX REMIX is all about.
First up to bat is my new fav as of late, Local Natives. I actually didn't know about them until I heard the remix of Wide Eyes about a month ago. Afterwords, I IMMEDIATELY looked them up, and soon enough, I had the whole album. In this case, I'm leaning more towards the Fool's Gold remix but I'm still pretty fond of the original.  OH, and if you do get the album [Gorilla Manor], I highly suggest Cubism Dream. Melts my soul.



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