Aug 22, 2010

And the Fall Officially begins

Today is  the day that I've moved into my dormitory. I'm not even gonna lie, I cried in the car twice and I chocked up a little when my mom and the fam left. I know I'm a 19 year old sophomore in college but hey, I just can't help myself. Despite all of this, I'm still pretty excited about what I've got going on this semester. I've got two English classes on deck, a History, a Spanish, and a Political Science to top it all off. I'm a bit worried about the Spanish and the Shakespearean Tragedies but we ALL know that I'm a boss, so naturally, this is smooth sailin.
Since I consider this day of reckoning the official start to my fall season, I figured I'd start it all off with one of my favorite brands, you guessed it, J Crew. As usual, these guys do a bang up job on their fall collection, leaving me wanting, wishing I could afford to pay retail value for some fitted slacks and selvage denim [ebay is my spot homie]. There's not much left to say, so feast your eyes on the holy grail of this casual fashion biznazz.

A+ for the black model. There was actually another one [that's right two, count em, two black models] but I didn't really like it so I opted out. It took me forever to find legitimate websites that hosted the photos so my time spent is your time never lost. Men HERE women HERE



  1. Dude a dorm, I want an American college experience! Haha. Except I'd probably just get high all the time and end up flashing my tits for some douchebag that wears his hat backwards and his polo shirt collar up.

    I played Macbeth in Macbeth, Hermia in A Mid Summers Nights Dream and Mercuitio in Romeo & Juliet so I'm like a scholar in that shit. Well not really, I just liked wearing funny hats and reading Shakespeare, but I'm jealous you're taking Shakepeare.

    Ok, this is super long because I'm avoiding essays AND work. Oh and as usual, find me a dude that dresses like that.


  2. J Crew story: I went there today and it was all too expensive, but then I saw some moccasin boots that I've been wanting. I tried them on, and they were awesome. However, J Crew is charging TWENTY BUCKS MORE THAN ZAPPOS. I get stores trying to make more of a profit than online retailers, but twenty bucks?

  3. oh LOL, yea i've spent some money too but trying to save it a bit for the whole year,
    i wish i got more... MAYBE NEXT YEAR :)