Aug 16, 2010

Back for the First Time

I guess this is goodbye Los Angeles. I've had a great time here in sunny So Cal but I think it's time to pack up shop and head back to my city. I'm at a slight loss of words as I write this but I guess I'm just not as clever when I'm feeling a little down in the dumpster. Leaving a vacation spot is like getting rejected by a hottie. It's gonna hurt for a while but hopefully in a few days you'll start to feel a little better. THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT TIME.
But enough with the semantics, I've got music to talk about. Mr. Hudson teamed up with dubstep producer Caspa and came up with this fancy number, Love Never Dies. Oddly enough, the record seems to go quite well with my emotions, so as you can guess, I've listened to it at least a few times. The single is part of an EP of the same name so if you're interested, pop over to iTunes and give it a listen or two.

1 comment:

  1. cool. LOL.
    and lucky you with all that extra money haha.
    id buy clothes and a new computer with that much ... maybe next year .. hmmmm.