Sep 2, 2010

Remix Remix Two

Oh no music scene, I haven't forgotten about you. I'm attempting to get back on pace with my blogging sched, but I think we all know how that college life can get to some people. I refuse to be overwhelmed [I already am].
For this days RR I bring forth The Drums. I don't think I've spoken much about them before but now that I think about it I wish I would have. Their album was my summer anthem for just over three months straight, and to this day I can STILL listen to the record all the way through [I say this like its been years]. Let's Go Surfing is the single that really put them on, and even though I listened to it way too much, I continued to do so due to the lack of a certain, how do you say, Top 40 Billboard new band aftertaste. Because of that, I ask you to pick up the album [it's self-titled]. This remix for today is brought to you by The Raveonettes.



  1. love the drums. i saw them last month, so so good.

  2. Big Theophilus fan? Hehe, thanks for checking out my blog :)!!! I started school as well.. I will miss my usual weekend trips to LA.. ah!!!


  3. I love this blog! Just saw it and i think i might follow :)
    The drums sound awesome
    Your title is really nice... v. professional!

    check out my blog :)