Sep 7, 2010

A View Askew

More street art goodness but this time we're a bit heavy on the politics. I know I'm not the most well rounded with my interest in the arts, but I think it's safe to say that this is one of my favorite street artist as of late. The style is good and the stencils are always authentic and I can appreciate that. Most of his pieces are largely based on culture jamming tactics [more on that later] with a good amount of spray paint to mull it all over. 

Unfortunately, I have only one problem with this fella. Most [if not all] of his work exist within the confines of Columbus, Ohio. This means that few, if anyone, knows about this guy and the great work the he does. If he only had a little more cash to branch out I'd bet money on him soon becoming a household name. Did I forget to mention his name? My apologies, time can fly when you're busy trying to think of clever things to say.Vinchen, the guys name is Vinchen.
And one more thing. As I was about to post this I realized what a terrible mistake I've made. Instead of referring to the artist in a neutral mode, I kept referring to him [or her] as if the artist is a male. I don't really know the gender of the above street artist and as an alpha male, I have to work on my referencing. Women do dope S#!t too. 


  1. Ha, I love them. I always like a snarky satirical take on social issues.

    Thankssss as always for the blog loving. Tits out for the boys when I come visit. Hahaha. That probably sounds questionable without the rest of our conversation visible.


  2. I <3 your blog for its originality and the fact that your personality shines through it. I live all the way across the ocean in the UK so that says alot! I love variety in my blog list, and if you don't mind I've included you in it

  3. this artist Vinchen is a copy cat of one of my favorite satire graffiti artist banksy. Banksy has been doin this for years all over the world...