Oct 25, 2010

Phoenix Turned to Stone

Well of course I watched Runaway silly, how could I not. Truth be told I wanted to post this earlier just to make sure that everything was still fresh in our minds, but I wanted to watch the film/epic music video at least one more time before I decided to express my opinions. Well I did, so....

All in all, I think that the film was done in a very beautiful manner. The cinematography was, as expected, top notch, the audio tracks were most wonderful, the ballet was eye catching, Kanye was Kanye, and our lead Selita Ebanks was quite fetching to the eye 
[OH YOU KNOW]. At first I seemed to have a problem with the acting [little that there was], thinking that well, they couldn't act. Watching it again, I noticed that it was more of an art house, minimalistic vibe goin on, so for the benefit of the doubt I'll just say that the dry dialogue was meant to be dry on purpose. 

The wardrobe choices were just too legit. Every time I see Kanye 
[on and off the stage] he makes me feel like I need two things: gold chains and chest hair. I don't know what it is with this guy, but he's just bleeding cool--ALWAYS. Everything was just done so well, I really enjoyed....except for those wings though. It was a little too obvious that someone was pulling the strings up above when they were fully extended, and the green screen action was just a little too green screeney, but that doesn't really affect how much I enjoyed the video. Simply put the film was awesome, and if this is what new Kanye has to offer then I don't think I'm going to object to him sticking around. Stay up Yeezy.
If by chance you couldn't find the time to catch it on television 
[I didn't], then don't fret, it's all right HERE, advertisement free of course.


  1. The thing about Kanye is that he is going to be whoever he is.


  2. OMG!!!! I just love this!! i havent seen the video yet but its sound stunting!!! i will try to catch up asap!!! i used to love Kanye!! the whole love lockdown album and stuff but then didnt relly got into power.. but that dideo sound just genius and i like your analyse abou it.... your are just weighting godd and odd!!I saw u round ma blog! thanks .. xxx

  3. omg this is my favorite post in the world!
    they are soooo besutifulll\and yes i loved the visuals. the dancers were dope. my fav part was when they were at the table and the white ppl were serving them. that was classic. and yesss the costumes were tooooooo poppin i enjoyed what i saw but i was mad at the meaning until he explained it