Oct 19, 2010

Deadbeat Summer

So you and I are friends right? AT LEAST I THOUGHT WE WERE. There is no reason for any of you to not of informed me of Neon Indian [real talk]. You know I love a good band, why was I left out of the loop? I thought we had a relationship--now I feel as if you've broken that bond of trust we have had. Anyway, I think I might of fallen in love. Every time I find myself a new artist 
[this goes for all genres] I do some heavy thinking, pacing back and forth in my head trying to see if my lust for them is legitimate or if it's just another passing moment that soon subsides. The latter isn't the case....I think what we have might just be real.

And as for YOU guys, I think you've got some making up to do. If you ever feel like you wanna put me on an artist, please don't be shy, I likes the good music.

OOPS, I forgot to tell you. I decided that I liked Neon Indian so much that I wanted to make my own unofficial music video slash blog promotion dance flick. I've been told that my moves are a mix between a 14 year old white kid and a 60 year old black man. Hey, at least it's my own.


  1. dope band!
    hit me up please, i need some attention!

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  3. BAHAHA!

    "When You're Bored and Alone In Your Dormroom" was great!
    i've made similar videos, but that one there is definitely a classic. The randomness of it all just made my day.

  4. Great vids, love Neon Indian!