Oct 14, 2010

Bow Tie Fever

So I finally broke down and bought one....I'm excited. We all know that I'm an Ebay hound, and I can get pretty relentless when I'm gunning for what I want. Luckily enough I didn't have to work too hard for this one, dude had a bunch. It was about 9 bucks total if I recall correctly, and beside that unsightly sow line I'm pretty happy with it. Unfortunately, I don't really have anywhere to go that requires me to get all fancy, and if I wear it to school I'll probably feel like a koi fish in a pond filled with tilapia, but who knows, I'll probably be breaking it out sometime soon.

The first two are of me and the others are just cool photos that I thought'd be good to fill out your time here. No lie, I stood in the mirror for at least an hour and a half trying to tie this thing but I want you to know that I did it all for your viewing pleasure. #HOLLABACK



  1. nice, and thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog, greatly appreciated!

  2. oh! i love bows! i can't make my boyfriend wear one :(
    i just bumped into your blog! wow! it's amazing!

    xoxo from rome

  3. haha for our viewing pleasure?

    yeah the bow ties look really great - i prefer yours and kanye's out of all of them (:

  4. there is something special about a young man when i see them in a bow tie...i love it.
    I own a blue one

  5. I'm weak for a guy in a bow tie =)

  6. nice, i have a bow tie necklace lol

  7. I love guys with bow ties! Good choice in buying one. They're so stylish and dapper. I love your blog!


  8. you rock that spotted bow tie. I dig all of these.

  9. I adore boys wiv bows.. a bit of a nerd, a bit of a gentleman and much of coolness!!I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!