Nov 8, 2010

200 Followers and Counting

So can I quit at life now? I'd rather not continue on, I wouldn't mind dying on a good note. I started JSTNRMN just over a year ago and in all seriousness I still remember my first post like it was yesterday. It was a Friday afternoon and I was sitting in my dorm room with nothing to do. I had no clue how to work with html 
[still don't] and I can't remember exactly why I chose to start a blog but I decided to, and look at me now....FLOURISHING. My very first follower was of course my bff no homo Emilio, and since then I've been able to grasp the attention of just enough people to keep me interested, allowing for me to keep this blog up and running day in and day out.
Over the past 16 months not only have I gained boundless knowledge of music, fashion, art, and a number of other useless categories that make me seem that much cooler when conversing with strangers, but most importantly a pseudo family that keeps me from ever wanting to delete this blog due to boredom or weariness. Even now, I still feel a rush of excitement every time I get a comment on a post, especially ones referring to my writing style or my taste in [insert category here] or my excellent bone structure, also know as: you are SO cute ;) [just kidding, but really though]. I really do appreciate everything, and in all honesty it means a lot to me those little comments, thanks you guys.
To my favorite bloggers, I recognize you [in no particular order]. May you stay strong and carry on.
Since you never ever get to see my face, I decided to make up for lost time and have a mini photo sesh just for you. Thanks for visiting, may you continue to forever. I'll be here.

If I'm just so damn good and you just can't seem to get enough of me then you can find me on FLICKR YOUTUBE VIMEO FACEBOOK and in about 4 years your local high school English classroom. I'll be teaching, see you there.


  1. CONGRATS!!! I know exactly how you feel, I've been blogging for about 4 months now but these blogs grow so fast man! I go crazy when I see how many followers I have already lol :) I hope the best for your blog and I know you will continue to do big things!!! Keep up all the interesting posts you do, I really do enjoy reading them!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. I love the thrill of getting comments. I also love conversing with strangers. I also love your blog. HAHA I love a lot of things as you can tell. I can only hope to become as successful as you , in terms of blogging.
    Keep up the amazing work<3

  3. thanks for the shout haha,
    and nice photots i like the one that moves, did you use flash for it?

    and CONGRATS on 200 bro!

  4. Wooohoo!!!! I love all your comments!! And congrats on the followers..

    Hey, you linked Joellenlove! That's my best friend :).

    Thanks for peeping!!!! xoxoxo

  5. congrats. i wish i could have that many. but yea its worth it your blog is niccceee

  6. youve got one of the realest blogspots I've seen patna. forealz

  7. lol i meant the program called flash to make your pictures move.

    i guess not then haha

    and crap i just posted this on my post thinking it was yours lol

  8. ooo, stealing it.
    i always want to make those but i dont have flash.
    thanks bro.
    ps, you download my friend mixtape? bahahaha,
    i found it in my recycle bin today when i was going through it to clean it out and i laughed out loud hahahaha.

  9. Love the photos! I'm one of your OG followers :o) Thx for the linkage!

  10. Thanks for visitng my blog, :) and for your comment, :)

    COOL blof, I love it, :)
    (I'm following)


  11. I'll be one of your faves soon. =p