Nov 15, 2010

I think I Love my Friends

It's as simple as that. Unfortunately, I don't have too many folk up at the university that I can really call my friends.Of course there are a number of associates and even a few people that I can say are more than that, but that numbers been pretty stagnant for quite some time now. Whenever I get the opportunity to see all the kids that I truly miss, it's's like....IT'S JUST THE BEST DAY EVER. Emil and the lady invited me up for a weekend to visit in D town Denton so of course I had to get my ace up there. I had a good time, and I think I needed that. I don't mind being a lone wolf but every now and again I think it's all right to find my way back to the pack. Sometimes it's just better that way. OWWWWW.
What's a weekend with the homies without a dope ass video montage? Also, check out those sweet abs. I'm not gonna lie, I was flexing pretty hard for my chatroulette lady friend. I think she wanted it. Who am I kidding, of course she did.

Hopefully I should have some more photos up on the Flickr soon so stay peeled. Oh and don't forget the links on the right. There's much more of me if you too are bored and alone in your dorm room.


  1. Awesome photos. I want to go to there!


  2. it's always nice to be surrounded by friends and the silly enviornment
    looks like you had fun !