Dec 29, 2010

Enjoy it While it Last

I tell you this because it is exactly what I'm attempting to do. Luckily enough, I'm not in high school so I still have another two weeks [as well as the rest of this one] before I have to head back up to the university and continue the learning process. Christmas was great, and because my mother still likes me, she continues to buy and wrap presents as if I'm still a 12 year old 
[jokes on you, I'm 7 on the inside]. For the past few days I've been spending all my damn money away like it's no tomorrow, but you know what, I need to treat myself every now and again, it's the holidays, more on that later though. If I'm lucky I won't have to work this weekend and I'll be spending the New Year's with Emil and Christiana in Austin TX, but if not, Kia, tell Phylica and Rohelio to buy another pack a chicken breast cause I'm coming over for dinner.

I'll be seeing you guys in twenty eleven, and as if I don't say this enough, I appreciate all the comments and page views, it means a lot [tears]. Now stop making me cry like a little b***h, go have fun.


  1. LOL, I find your little crush on my mother a tad bit repulsive.

    Hope your vacation is going well though. =p

  2. yooo, I had to let it all out.
    AND i found a website with like 38438933 gifs and i wanted an excuse to use them bahahaha.

    OMG, I have an epic project I am working on and I want you to be a part of it. It is apart of the MalibuMara brand evolution. BIG DEAL HERE.
    its going to be awesome but i can't say too much yet. You will enjoy. And you dont really have a choice to say no :D

  3. this honestly made me ROFL. Glad you had a blast in ATX, normy.