Dec 9, 2010

Pendleton x Opening Ceremony

It's been a while since I've done a lookbook hasn't it? I guess I just get too wrapped up in my own life that I don't really think about everything else that's going on sometimes. Finals are coming up soon so I'm attempting to step my game up and get my priorities in order. Speaking of, wasn't I suppose to do something about Cudi, AND YEEZY? Damn I'm slackin on my post subject matter. We're still cool though right?...Oh we are? Perfect. 

*wipes sweat from brow

But back to what you're here for. Ever since their spring/summer collection of this year, I've become a pretty legit fan of Pendleton x Opening Ceremony. I love how they're able to play with colors and fabrics and churn out outfits that are still quite wearable [sometimes, not all the time]. I only put up a few photos, but there are way more looks to check out right HERE if you're still interested. Matter fact, you have to go to the website and check out some closeups, dude is rocking a SERIOUS eyebrow. I don't mean to be a douche, but they could of fixed that before he stepped in front of the camera. Then again, maybe they were going for that dirty unkept vibe, so we'll just say that for the benefit of the doubt. If it's any consolation, the female is quite the cutie.


  1. LOL @ "dude is rocking a SERIOUS eyebrow" ...ha! ha! ha!

    that was a good laugh.

    & yea, he should've gotten those bad boys shaped up a little beforehand.


  2. ahhhh im so into navajo atm!!!!

  3. love the blog. keep it up.

  4. found a justnorman card in I'm here