Dec 6, 2010

This is the Life of a Lover

So Theophilus London came to Houston this past weekend. When I tell you that there was no reason for me to be as excited as I was to see another man perform on stage, I say that with complete honesty [but I don't care]. I can't lie though, I WAS PRETTY GAY FOR THEOPHILUS THAT NIGHT. There were some hotties in there too, but on this particular evening I wasn't really out looking for them. That's understandable though right? God I hope so. 

If you're beginning to question my enthusiasm for another man's art form then chances are you're not too familiar with Theophilus' music. My one piece of advise to you young audio lover is to become very, very familiar. His latest mixtape I Want You can be found right HERE if I'm correct, and if you like what you hear then I leave it up to you to download the other previous mixtapes. As of yet there's been little to no word on an official album release, but hopefully it's in the works as we speak. Enjoy.

 No clue what this is but I love it.
My wives. I didn't know them but I took photos, No weirdo though.
La Catrin
Brandon West and the Black Hats
 She was sloppy drunk, he's in a band. Apparently that's all it takes to make out with chicks.
Fat Tony [some girl was up there too]


  1. this looks like fun,
    cool photos :D
    and yesss i always call him that!
    long live yeezus hahaha

  2. Id never heard of him before, but that track you posted is pretty good. Ill check him out!

  3. Theophilus London could get it!!! no homo

  4. Aww looks so fun, I haven't been to a concert/show in too long! I need to change that!

  5. sweet. looks like u had fun. im more of an alt. rock girl and they looks like rappers. sooo, yea.