Jan 17, 2011

We've Got Some Difficult Days Ahead

It wasn't until fairly recently that I've begun regretting never paying attention to those Martin Luther King Day assignments we had to do back in grade school. I hate to sound so uneducated, but if it wasn't for him [tears forming] I wouldn't be able to have all these cool white friends, or this awesome taste in music, or to be able to take my dates to Applebee's and receive some decent prices [there's no way they'd let me have that 2 for $20 deal].

A few days ago I accidentally deleted the folder on my laptop that contained almost all of my movies and music. Just yesterday, after spending countless hours trying to get it all back, I somehow deleted it all over again,and for a minute I had completely lost my mind. After a few moments of headbanging and thought collecting I realized that I really don't have it all that bad. Yeah it'll take me weeks to get my music back and I have no clue how to prevent this from happening again, but at least I can date 
Mr.[average white father of suburban means] daughter without being arrested on account of suspicion [THAT'S NOT MY BABY, I DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT]. For those reasons, among others, I say thank you, and that I promise to make my kids pay attention when it comes time to write that essay, we've all got to learn somehow.




  1. hahaha, funny post! happy mlk day! it's true though that we take so much for granted considering how hard life was before the '70's!

    i'm go crazy if i lost all my music! however,at least i'd be able to survive temporarily with my hype machine library!

  2. that's so sweet!
    whenever i don't feel good, i count my fingers and toes, and list all the good things - like my bed, the roof over my head, my laptop, mismatched socks, my cat, my family, my friends, my education and everything else.

    basically, we're so lucky it's overwhelming.

  3. dropbox.com so you never lose anything.
    & you are so right. dating white people & not getting lynched is AWESOME.