Jan 20, 2011

Brindo Este Amor

Rather than be a hater and try and find faults in this fella's demeanor, I'm just going to take the alternate route and admit it: I'M JEALOUS. I know it's all just a montage and that this really isn't his house, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he has the voice of a Spanish angel, a dime piece for a lady friend 
[that's her in real life], and on top a that facial hair that makes my mustache goatee situation look like complete nonsense. Now I'm fairly content with my life, but I just can't wait till the day where the only thing on my agenda is reading books and bathing with my girlfriend. First of all do hot girls even READ anymore? I mean like real books, you know, like novels and such. As a man of literary responsibility, it's kind a one of my requirements. Wish me luck I guess.

Oliver Peoples 2011 Spring/Summer Resort Collection. I don't care too much for overly expensive eyewear, but the shoot was nice and the video was fantastic so for our viewing pleasure....
Rebecca Schwartz in Wacks
Devandra Banhart in Abrams
Rebecca Schwartz in Racy
Rebecca Schwartz in Lips O'Fire
Devandra Banhart in Jack One
Rebecca Schwartz in Benedict

If you're interested, more frames and photos right HERE


  1. plus he is hot as FUCK so its all gravy.

  2. Really like the old black and gold, nice.
    keep it up!