Feb 21, 2011

Nonnative 2011

Before you say anything, PEEP THAT SWEET MUSTACHE. It wasn't too long ago where I was making fun of any and everyone who decided to craft a stache that looked like such, but after some soul searching I realized that my dislike for the hipster handlebar was actually rooted in jealousy, not disgust. I am envious of his facial hair, and I think I'm man enough to admit.

To tie that in to our topic of discussion, Nonnative has actually chosen to embrace the hipster stache in their spring/summer 2011 lookbook. There are a lot of staple pieces in the collection, which is always a plus considering how much I care for things that'll last me forever. Most of the looks were a bit too much for my taste [I only seemed to favor six], but of course we're all picky when it comes to things that we like. Total, there are about twenty different looks to choose from, so if you are so inclined, peeped the rest of the collection right over HERE.

1 comment:

  1. idk about "hipsterstache" but thats def bordering "pedostache" territory!! but I like this I would wear all of these looks