Feb 17, 2011

Step Your Vinyl Game Up

So I've finally received my first post request. HOLLA. Our friend over at FreakofFashion asked if I could give a little insight on my vinyl collection and how I go about that whole situation, so what better way to ring in my new coming of age than with a video post. I know, you've never heard my voice right? For some reason I have a feeling that you're just not ready for this. I think I might just be too manly, too nerdy, too based, too next level for any of you guys. I guess you'll just have to press play and watch all seven minutes of my vocal glory.

Who knew that it would take three hours to edit a 7 minute video. Don't forget, I can also be found on YOUTUBE and if there's anything else you'd like to know, I have nothing to do so I'll be here. ODD FUTURE


  1. lol there are so many quotes in this movie that need to start being used.

    "Wrote in ma journal.. always gotta get feelings out"
    "it will be pretty... no doubt"
    "6 points for this mad decent garden"
    ... im gonna stop lol

    Sick collection btw

    The Prestige

  2. I don't know why I was skeptical about your Vinyl collection but I'm a bit jealous.
    Also, jazz trumpet? Noice.