Feb 13, 2011

From Laser With Love. The Mixtape

I didn't want to tell you guys before the tracklist was official and ruin the surprise, but as a gift from me to you this Valentine's Day I decided to make you all a mixtape. One of my FAVORITE things to do for the ladies [and the occasional bro] is to combine a collection of songs via cd, create a clever title, and give it to them as a very special gift. As it turns out, this year all the babes on campus seem to be on fallback mode, but considering that my cyber social life is forever poppin' I figured my internet clique would be a significant substitute. I'm actually pretty excited about it and believe it or not I actually put in a lot a work to make this all flow well so I hope you dig. If you're coupled up this holiday, immediately download the mixtape, call your carpet a dance floor and groove with your boo thang. If you're single do the exact same thing and don't worry about being alone, I'm in the same boat on my end of the country. BUT WE SEXY THOUGH SO IT'S ALL GOOD. Download all 16 of the most righteous tracks right HERE.
Oh and the title? If I were a legit rapper my rap name would be "Like a Laser." I know what you're thinking, awesome right? I think the same thing, I'm mad ill on the microphone for sure.

And did I mention my birthday's tomorrow? Yeah, I don't know how I really feel about that just yet but more on that later.

Happy Valentine's day kids.


  1. SO I definetly downloaded that and had a mini jam-sesh/ attempt to dance all crazy in my room alone ahahah ohh the single life on valentines day

  2. Happy Birthday :)

    the mixtape was niceeee -- thanx !

  3. p.s. theophilus london was def a good look ;)