Mar 4, 2011

Remix Remix Six

I tend to shy away from using Friday's as "post days" but I feel as though I've been neglecting lately so please allow me to try and make up for it. A while back, you may recall my previous post on Toro y Moi, professing my sudden love and infatuation with everything he and chillwave. Oddly enough, it wasn't/isn't just a passing moment, I'm actually really into his music. Today's REMIX REMIX may actually be quite familiar those who downloaded and enjoyed my Valentine's day, From Laser with Love mixtape. I really do dig both versions of the song, and since he's released both and an album and a music video since we've last spoken of him, I figured I'd do all of us a solid and bring him up at least one more time in one of our conversations.

Now I've already given the album a nice and easy run through, but for me that doesn't constitute as a full listen so I can't speak too much about it. What I can say is that this album most definitely expresses a different side of musical production quite unlike what was seen on Causers of This. He seems to breaking away from that "chillwave" label that he's often attributed to and well, quite frankly I don't seem to mind that much. From what I was paying attention to, I love it, and if anybody'll be in Houston on the 14th, please don't hesitate to join me for a dance at the show, YOUR BOY WILL DEFINITELY BE GETTING IT IN.

Abogado Remix
I like that good music just as much as you do. Have any suggestions? Well stop being stingy, share with me....I NEED IT.


  1. phantogram, seeing as you like sleigh bells, i'm sure you'll like them

  2. If you made a music video, I imagine it would be just like the Still Sound video... just because of the way Toro y Moi dances and the slight randomness of the whole video. It reminded me of this video you made in your dorm room a while back. Hahaha.

  3. FYI, we get live in Jersey lol if you ever come to the east coast you must come to a NJ klan event. Nice tat btw :)