Mar 13, 2011

Relax Relax Relax

Spring break has finally started and honesty, I NEEDED IT. I've been quite uninspired and fed up lately so hopefully this week off can provide me with the much needed revamping that is required to keep my mind and I up and running. In a perfect world I'd be driving over to Austin for SXSW with a pocket full a money and a couple dimes to keep me company, but unfortunately, I am not. Those ticket prices are INSANE, and I have a feeling it'll be quite some time before I'll ever be able to afford that 600 dollar price tag. There is however an adequate alternative. It's seems as if a number of the bands/rappers that I'm into'll be stopping in Houston a few days before the festival, so thankfully I won't be missing out too much. Tomorrow night is Toro y Moi and as you know, if you've been reading lately, I am definitely  a ride or die fan. Speaking of, I think I need to go listen to the album a few more times so I can have all the lyrics memorized [I keeps it real around here]. 

Japan. I know this really seems like an after thought but....may God bless us all. Be safe and be easy guys.